Charitable Society

Charity is not a duty, but a joy for us. We sincerely try to make a difference in the life of the needy, though not everybody.

You have the power to make it possible!

Imagine the helplessness of a poor patient with Diabetes?

In India, there are about 50 million people diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes and half of them lack the resources for proper treatment. We seek your help to change that. We try to spread our services to those who cannot afford diabetes care or treatment. See, how you can contribute.

Don’t have the money to help us? Not to worry, we need only your time. We accept volunteers. Help us spread diabetes awareness amongst the public. If you can, also sponsor ads for the society or sponsor insulin for the diabetic patients.

You can also sponsor free eye or foot surgery of the patient. You can take up volunteer services at the free diabetic camp. We also appreciate your help in trying to raise funds for the clinic, be it via other service organisations or donations.

To address these problems, A Diabetic Society has been formed.

Apart from a group of dedicated medical professionals, this society consists of people from different walks of life.

How it Work?

The Aim of the Society is to reach out to those who cannot afford Diabetic care, It works by.

  • • Spreading awareness of Diabetes
  • • Providing Screening of Diabetes patients
  • • Dietary Counselling
  • • Providing Insulin
  • • Monitoring Diabetes Control
  • • Providing care for Diabetic Emergencies
  • • Preventing Diabetic Complications
  • • Diabetes Foot Care Clinic
  • • Diabetic Retinopathy Assessment
  • • Diabetic Nephropathy Management
  • • Juvenile Diabetic Clinic
  • • Antenatal Care for Gestational Diabetes
  • • Audiovisual programmes, Family Counselling and Nurse Education Programmes.

How can you help?

In order to fulfill these aims and also to meet the growing demands of the diabetes poor, you can help by your active participation and support.

  • • By contributing your valuable time for this noble cause as a Volunteer
  • • Through your profession, in whatever capacity
  • • Sponsor an advertisement for the society
  • • Publicise the work of the society
  • • Sponsor Insulin for a Diabetic Child
  • • Sponsor Insulin for an Elderly Diabetic
  • • Sponsor a Free Eye Surgery for a Diabetic patient
  • • Sponsor a Diabetic Foot Surgery
  • • Sponsor a Diabetic patients hospitalization
  • • Sponsor crutches for an amputated Diabetic patient
  • • Help us conduct a free Diabetes Camp
  • • Raise funds for the society through your Service Organisation
  • • Personal Contributions etc.

Do contribute as you can, with money or volunteer work! Your support is greatly appreciated!