•                 Out Patient Department with latest facilities
  •                 Fully equipped Laboratory with most modern equipment and Computerised auto analyser
  •                 Diet & Nutrition Clinic
  •                 CANS – Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy Studies
  •                 Physiotherapy & Exercise Training Department
  •                 Patient Counselling and Education Center
  •                 Yoga Therapy
  •                 Retinopathy Clinic
  •                 Foot Care Clinic with facilities like Biothesiometry, Vascular Doppler, Podioscan for early detection of high risk foot
  •                 CGMS -Continuous Glucose Monitoring System
  •              Audio Visual Projection / Seminar Room
  •                 Operation Theatre Facilities with most modern equipments
  •                 Pharmacy where you get all kinds of Diabetes medicines,Insulin Pens,Glucometers, Diabetic Food products, Informative literature etc.

Special Clinics

  •                 Juvenile Diabetes Clinic
  •                 Gestational Diabetes Clinic
  •                 Impotence & Sexual Dysfunction Clinic
  •                Podiatry Clinic
  •                 Diet and Nutrition Clinic
  •                 Stress Management Counselling Clinic
  •                 Obesity Clinic
  •                Hypertension Clinic
  •                 Skin Clinic
  •                 Orthopeadiac Care Clinic
  •                 Insulin Pump Clinic