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About Us

About Us

Diabetes is not Fatal…If treated properly and on time. Timely diagnosis and effective treatment is the perfect solution for diabetes care. It is also needed to educate the patient about the illness, its symptoms, and treatment, etc, so that they will be well prepared.


Our well-trained staff and technicians will make sure to provide all required support for the patients. We specialize in complete diabetes care and aim to provide the best treatment. Your health is now our concern and we will deliver the best service. We are known for our correct diagnosis and treatment of diabetic patients.

Sridhar’s DiaCare is a Modern State of Art Specialty Center for the management of Diabetes and its associated complications. This department was established in 1999 at Sridhar Hospital, West Nadakav, Calicut, Kerala. Within a very short span of time this department in Diabetes became recognized for the excellent work in this specialty throughout Kerala and its neighbouring states. It became accepted as one of the best and most modern Diabetes centers throughout Malabar. This department’s Comprehensive Complete Diabetes Programme  “DIACARE DIABETES PROGRAMME” became recognized all over for its results, convenience, efficiency and above all the very subsidized rates at which it was offered to the patients.

This diabetic programe and its periodic regular follow-ups enabled patients to closely monitor and control diabetes very effectively and at the same time prevent them from developing its long term complications. As it gained more publicity and importance it became necessary to establish a separate center named “Sridhar’s DiaCare” and it was designed for the exclusive management of Diabetes and its complications. This centre became functional since February 2006.

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