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What is podiatry?

Originating from the Greek word pous feet, it is also considered as the other word for the noun chiropody. It is otherwise known as the care of the foot. It also entails the diagnosis and treatment of foot disorders.

How we can help?

Located in Calicut, we are known for our treatment for all types of foot and ankle conditions. Our Podiatry centre is known for its accurate diagnosis and excellent podiatric care. We provide good quality foot health service. Our high quality equipment and well-trained experts in podiatric care provides diagnosis, treatment and proper advice on how to get good foot health.

Our aim is to cater to patients of all age group.  We deliver quality treatment plans, which also help to make the most of the treatment for all- comprehensive heel, foot or ankle problems. We make use of the most advanced podiatric technology.

We provide tailor-made cures for dermatological foot care problems such as painful nails, corns, callus, and verrucae.  Our other services include a proper podiatric solution for pediatric or adult flat feet, arthritic feet, and ankles, rheumatoid, shin splints along the issues of a diabetic person.

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