Are you suffering from heel pain or other foot related issues? Why worry? Just drop a call to the all-comprehensive podiatric care centre. What is podiatry? Originating from the Greek word pous feet, it is also considered as the other word for the noun chiropody. It is otherwise known as the care of the foot. […]

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Charitable Society

Charity is not a duty, but a joy for us. We sincerely try to make a difference in the life of the needy, though not everybody. You have the power to make it possible! Imagine the helplessness of a poor patient with Diabetes? In India, there are about 50 million people diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes

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Diabetic Shop

Are you on the lookout for a one-stop-shop for all your diabetic needs?  Then you have the right place! We care for your health and provide only good quality products.  Our exclusive diabetic shop offers all the items that you may need.  From special diabetic footwear to blood glucose monitors, blood glucose strips, syringes or

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Diet and Exercise

Diet and Exercise play a vital role in helping us to healthy and fit. We have one of the most well known dietitian who will help you to maintain your health. If you wish to control your diabetes, then you need to do proper exercise. Diet is also a vital part of your attempt to

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