Do’s and Dont’s in Women with Diabetes

Do’s in Diabetic Diet :

  •                For breakfast take cholesterol-lowering foods.
  •                 Have nuts rich in monounsaturated fat such as walnuts, almonds & peanuts
  •                 Eat a lot of leafy salads along with your meals.. include pulses like horse gram, green gram, Chickpea, peas, and beans in your diet which can reduce your LDL, bad cholesterols
  •                 Use fat-free milk, yogurt & cheese
  •                 Add wheat bran to your wheat flour or mix leafy vegetables like Palak Methi or drumstick leaves to the batter. These can improve the glycemic index of your Chapathi and make it more healthy.
  •                 Increase fiber intake in the form of raw fruits, vegetables, and whole cereals
  •                 Go for small frequent feeds at regular intervals. This can bring proper glycemic control.
  •                 Avoid fasting and feasting as these can lead to hypoglycemia or Hyperglycemia.
  •                Try to bring down your BMI to <25

Diabetic Diet Dont’s

  •                 Don’t fry foods instead bake, boil, poach or sauté in a non stick pan. Steam your vegetables
  •                 Eat less of high fat meat and more of low fat chicken or fish. Avoid organ meats.
  •                 Limit the use of condiments. such as tomato ketchup, mustard, and ready-made salad dressings. They are loaded with salt and sugar.
  •                 Choose fresh foods over canned food.
  •                 Limit your salt intake
  •                 Avoid ready to eat foods or junk foods
  •                 Don’t smoke and stop alcohol consumption
  •                 Don’t skip meals and medicine times.

Exercise and Diabetes

  •                 Exercise is very important in managing type 2 diabetes.
  •                 Continuing Diet, exercise, and medication with help control your weight and blood sugar levels.
  •                 Exercise can also reduce your need for medication if you already have diabetes and can help to keep your blood sugars under control
  •                 Exercise can help to prevent heart diseases.