Any illness even a minor one such as common cold, stomach upset, flue or diarrhoea can increase body’s need for insulin. These can lead to an elevation in blood sugar levels resulting to Ketoacidosis.

The DO’s on sick day : –

1. Continue talking your diabetic medication as prescribed by your doctor.

2. Check your blood and urine once in 4hrs for sugar & ketones.

3. Try to eat usual amount of carbo hydrates, may be divided into small frequent feeds. If blood sugar level is above 250mg / dl the usual amount of carbohydrates are not required.

4. Drink – 6-8 glasses of fluid to avoid dehydration.

5. In case of diarehoea take food and drinks that can be tolerated by the patient. Take foods high in sodium and potassium (fruit juices, soups, kanji, tea) take 8 ounces every hour.

6. In nausious and cannot retain what you eat please inform your doctor and while waiting for help follow these recommendation.

● Discontinue regular insulin

● Take the NPH insulin

● Get help before NPH reaches its peak action (6-12 hrs)

● Use regular insulin only if you can hold food down for a  

            minimum 1/2 hrs.

The Dont’s on a sick day

● People with type I diabetes should never stop taking insulin when they are ill.

● Patients on Anti diabetic drugs should not stop taking  their medicines when ill.

● On a sick day never omit your insulin even if you are unable to eat.

● Never leave your stomach empty. Eat or drink what ever you can tolerate

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